# About Company


The company has been formed with primary objective being uplifting of the social and financial status of its members by inculcating saving habits amongst them through the spirit of co-operation, and providing technical and financial support.
The principal function of the nidhi is to render financial services to its members and to reach the nook and corner of the state through branch expansion where financial facilities have not reached.

In our business, people make all the difference. We pride ourselves on our ability to recruit, motivate and retain the right people to help grow our business, and we relentlessly focus on the profit of people connected to our business.


“The essence of our effort to see that every employee has a chance must be to assure each an equal opportunity, not to become equal, but to become different – to realize whatever unique potential of body, mind and spirit he or she possesses”. We encourage the variety of thoughts and give equal chance.

The vision of Suryadarshan Nidhi Limited by offering financial services to all groups of people and offering equal opportunity to all, to live an improved life by financial enablement and empowerment. the mission of the nidhi is to create self-sufficient sustainable ecosystem of members through co-operation. the nidhi is to enable financial inclusion by providing affordable financial services to the under-privileged and socially excluded community, and inculcate the savings habit among the common man through innovative low cost financial products and services using nidhi principles, self-help and mutual aid. the world is changing all around us, to continue

We believe in the power of open communication. The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said and the members of Suryadarshan Nidhi Limited does so. Trust is earned and preserved through active engagem

Vision & Mission

Our vision is, We, Suryadarshan Nidhi Limited, the Suryadarshan Nidhi Limited of choice for our staff, customers and shareholders, set the standard of excellence in customer satisfaction, employee engagement, social responsibility and shareholder value while building successful societies. We will be the preferred provider of targeted financial service in our communities based on strong customer relationships. We will strengthen these relationships by providing the right solutions that combine our technology, experience, and financial strength. Our goal is to create customer loyalty, shareholder value, and employee satisfaction.  Our mission is, We, become the most powerful, the most serviceable, the most far-reaching in state that has ever been   

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