Our Team

Mr. Rakesh Thakkar (Director)

Mr. Rakesh Thakkar is a Director of Suryadaarshan Nidhi Ltd. He has a wild experience of Company Development and most far more 35years experience in field development Strategic thinking and foresight, Interpersonal, networking and influencing skills, problem-solving and analytical skills, ability to understand business objectives and align Suryadarshan Nidhi Ltd accordingly, working backwards to lead the end-user experience, data-driven mind-set and an aptitude for technology.

Mr. Pinakinbhai Patel (Director)

Mr. Pinakinbhai Patel is also one of the enthusiastic director of Suryadrshan Nidhi Ltd. He has also wild experience of in market and develop a relation in market and engaging a customer smoothly and peacefully. He has a vision of company is Suryadarshan Nidhi Limited, the Suryadarshan Nidhi Limited of choice for our staff, customers and shareholders, set the standard of excellence in customer satisfaction, employee engagement, social responsibility and shareholder value while building successful societies. We will be the preferred provider of targeted financial service in our communities based on strong customer relationships. We will strengthen these relationships by providing the right solutions that combine our technology, experience, and financial strength. Our goal is to create customer loyalty, shareholder value, and employee satisfaction.

Mrs. Falguniben Patel (Director)

Mrs. Falguniben Patel is one of the energetic and young director of the company. She makes a mission for the company is We, become the most powerful, the most serviceable, the most far-reaching in state that has ever been and also she says that unequivocal excellence in all aspects of the company, science-based innovation, honesty and integrity, profit, but profit from work that benefits humanity is also our corporate social responsibilities.